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Select quality proteins

Your dietician can offer a recommended day-by-day diet and discuss it with you, your spouse or caretaker. Continue reading

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How and why do you manage potassium?

SURVIVAL TIP: Most foods from the garden or grove have potassium. Learn which sources boast the most. Bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, and mushrooms are packed with the potassium, as are many fruits. Dialysis patients must manage how much potassium they consume. … Continue reading

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Limiting phosphorus requires attention

SURVIVAL TIP: Managing what you eat to keep labs within range is critical. Several elements of your blood work affect your health and must be observed for you to remain well. If you have diabetes, you must manage your sugar … Continue reading

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Soup, sauces, gelatin, fluids add up

SURVIVAL TIP: Manage your fluid intake to feel your best between treatments. Most dialysis patients make little or no urine. Reduced urine output is often the first symptom people notice as they suffer kidney failure. Other patients, especially those diagnosed … Continue reading

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Avoid these tricky candies and treat your kidneys with good snacks

SURVIVAL TIP: Halloween and other holidays where eating is central to the celebration can be difficult for kidney patients, but your clinic nutritionist can help you make wise decisions. Do you still have Halloween candy around the house? Or worse, … Continue reading

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