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Plan for dialysis to interrupt your life

SURVIVAL TIP: Ask questions. If you don’t understand the answer, ask again. Ask more than one person if you need to. Interrupted sleep, the side effects of medicine, and obviously the illness can cause memory lapses or disrupted thought processes … Continue reading

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Bad news, fun times meet in the hospital

SURVIVAL TIP: Remember that sometimes you don’t have to visit someone or even talk to them on the phone to convey love and concern. A gift, a card, or kindness extended to a patient’s family can change the world in … Continue reading

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Setting expectations eases stress

SURVIVAL TIP: When you’re in the hospital, setting expectations for communication will help you rest and spare your friends and family worrying about your health and bothering you with calls.    Hospitals are pretty accepting of patients carrying mobile phones. … Continue reading

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Make Plans for Thursday!

SURVIVAL TIP: A simple blood or urine test can keep you out of the dialysis chair for years. March 10 is World Kidney Day. Get yourself tested! You can live for years with medication before having to rely on dialysis … Continue reading

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Doctor reveals difficult truth

SURVIVAL TIP: “Your pain is the passport that allows access into someone’s life.” ~ Levi Lusko   The Charlotte hospital experience started no differently, than the local hospital visit did. A few “hospitalists”, who contributed nothing to my care, tried … Continue reading

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