Seek Reasons to Be Grateful

SURVIVAL TIP: Pondering good thoughts makes us feel better than dwelling on difficulties.

Americans celebrated Thanksgiving this past Thursday and many enjoyed the sales associated with that holiday weekend. It was a long weekend. Yippee!

One the one hand, I couldn’t go away on a long, freeing vacation from the weight of daily life. I had dialysis on Friday. But thankfully, I don’t have dialysis on Thursdays, because dialysis units still function on Thursdays. I enjoyed making dressing, macaroni and cheese, and coconut pie for my family… and EATING it!

I’m also grateful for a loving family who rearranges our holiday schedule to accommodate the ever-changing schedules of children and grandchildren. So we usually have Thanksgiving lunch on Sunday before Thanksgiving. But this year, we moved it to the Sunday after Thanksgiving. One important lesson that life – and health issues – teach us is flexibility. Be grateful for the time together, even if the calendar dictates a little differently.

Be grateful for phosphorus blockers, medicine to regulate blood pressure, and insulin. One family member was grateful for his Valium! Whatever it takes, seek out ways that God has blessed you. I am 45, unable to work a regular schedule, separated, and living with a friend. But I am blessed.

If you or someone you care about is facing dialysis, please share your experiences and concerns. This is a forum for learning and inspiration. Please share your stories and questions. What were your experiences and challenges with dialysis?





About dialysisgal

When I joined the 450,000 Americans on dialysis, I wondered what "normal" would be. Would people stare at my access and ask what was wrong? In this blog, I hope to save other patients and their families from the difficulties I have faced. I want to share my experiences, what I learned, had to ask and was shocked to find. I am not a medical professional, but I hope we can have a conversation to help you better understand what you or someone you love with chronic kidney disease (CKD) might expect while living with dialysis.
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